Introducing our two effective and highly efficient wind turbines. These attractive designs are our rooftop and windmill models. Both designed for battery charging.

Modern battery technology makes the storage of renewable energy from solar and wind a practical reality.

Our Vertical Axis turbine is a tested and proven design, having withstood 135kph winds and many gale force storms. It is quiet, noise free and the weight of the turbine floats on air as we introduce magnetic levitation to ensure smooth and maintenance free operation. The patent applied design of the turbine blades ensures an indestructible performance in high winds. Both are designed to charge batteries that provide energy to  water pumps or household appliances.

Rooftop Model



The rooftop model is designed for flat or pitched roofs, and is best placed on the roof ridge so it will collect 360degree winds. This ridge location also benefits from ‘the roof effect’.  This term refers to wind colliding with a pitched roof with the result that when the free moving wind is suddenly stopped by a roof, the wind is compressed, which results in it being accelerated by up to several times as it passes over the ridge of the roof.

windmill stand **PLEASE NOTE** this video was filmed during light winds. Background noise is from adjacent road traffic.

Our second product is the NRGPLUS Windmill, a free standing turbine on a braced pole that is suitable for farms, pumping bore and dam water.

The windmill is geared, and drives the two 1.5kw generators at 2.5 times the rotation speed of the turbine. The weight of the turbine is magnetically levitated.

Both units are strong, and the generator carries a 5 year warranty and an expected 20 year working life. They are designed to be compatible with solar for battery charging and acceptable by regional councils or local Government.

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