The NRGPLUS WINDMILL has been installed driving TWO 1.5kw low voltage generators. We were pleased that it recorded 15.9 amps from just ONE of the generators in a 15kph wind. The two generators are independently wired to ground level. Because we have two generators we can reliably state that the windmill has a 31.8 amp output in a 15kph wind – more at higher wind speeds. The turbine starts rotating at very low wind speeds of around 3kph.

Power flow….. GENERATOR flows to BATTERY then to LIGHTS.

The generated electricity is delivered to ground level where it passes through a voltage regulator to a 12 volt battery. We have used just one 12 volt battery for our demonstration purposes. The electricity that powers the light display is taken straight from the battery. A single generator will trickle charge the battery or a bank of batteries. This battery charge function has not made any noticeable difference to the turbines rotation speed.

The NRGPLUS Windmill has been installed in the Noarlunga region of South Australia which official records show has an average wind speed of 20kph annually.

Further examination of the recorded 15.9 amp output suggests it compares with a 3kw solar system, and is expected to sell at a similar price. However, the really impressive advantage of wind is that a 3kw solar system works for approx 5.5 hours each day, where the NRGPLUS Windmill can potentially work for 24 hours a day – 4 times greater access to renewable wind energy and potentially 4 times the output of the comparable solar system.

This NRGPLUS windmill will be sold as a flat pack, self-install product with an easy to follow DIY video. By selling direct we will maintain a sell price that makes this product affordable. Any supplementary equipment such as an electric submersible water pump, batteries, lights etc are not included.